Dubstep Doorly does Temper Trap track


I admit I have not been on the ball with these dubstep remixes, unlike SimR, who practically eats sleeps and secretes it.

However, when I come across a remix of one of my favourite songs of the moment, I take notice. And when Doorly does it, damn, I prick up my ears.

I came across this song from Phil Gordon of Lets.Have.It and his monthly mega mix. Man’s done a good job.

‘Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap is already a great song, and has been thrust in my ears left right and centre the past couple of weeks. You may know it from the film ‘500 Days of Summer’.

The remix adds rolling, thumping beats to the song, as all good dubstep should. Where the original only threatens to burst into life, this remix actually realises the threat.

Cheers to Phil and his inspiring mixtape, the full version of which can be found here, which also includes mixes of Major Lazer, Does it Offend You, Yeah?, Friendly Fires and Toddla T.

The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition

The Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition (Doorly Remix)


One Response to “Dubstep Doorly does Temper Trap track”

  1. Doorly knows nothing about dubstep, in fact, he disgraces the scene.

    I don’t have anything against the guy personally, but he should tell his sound engineers (yes he doesnt even make his tracks himself) that they are making a load of shite, and labeling it ‘dubstep’.

    Listen to the ‘drop’ and tell me what part of that makes you skank your nuts off?

    It doesn’t..

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