YACHT, or Y△CHT if you want to be precise, is primarily the work of Jona Bechtolt and expanded to include Claire L. Evans just last year to work on to work on the latest album See Mystery Lights which was released earlier this month.

Signed to James ‘LCD Soundsystem’ Murphy’s DFA Records, the Oregan-based pair share a number of similarities to their hosts style, never more apparent then in their 9 minute epic It’s Boring / You Can Live Anywhere You Want. In the same vein as LCD’s Us v. Them or the crass version of Yeah the track builds and builds with different layers being introduced, repeated and warped culminating in a brilliant, if frenzied, climax. Another track, Summer Song is more straight forward. As with most of the tracks, it’s led by the bass and with expert use of repeated lyrics, handclaps, bells and bleeps it’s an upbeat, delicious summer tune.

YACHT – Summer Song (BN)
YACHT – Summer Song (MF)

YACHT – It’s Boring / You Can Live Anywhere You Want (BN)
YACHT – It’s Boring / You Can Live Anywhere You Want (MF)

Unfortunately, although YACHT is currently on tour they’re not stopping off in the UK, so unless you’re willing to head to Paris or Amsterdam you’re gonna have to wait til next time round to see them in action.


One Response to “YACHT”

  1. I really liked this album. However, I think I put it on replay one too many times and can’t really sit through it anymore. But it was very well done. Jona is quite the talent. I found a pretty solid review here:

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