Jay-Z samples Alphaville’s ‘Forever Young’ for The Blueprint 3

UntitledHaha. I love Kanye West’s samples. This is something he can do that Dre cannot. He can sample wimpy (but brilliant) 80’s pop songs, add a heavy bassline and a couple of drums and throw it out for Jigga to rap onto it. All in the space of what feels like one day.

And it makes the album. Perfectionist, pah! Dre, HURRY UP WITH DETOX.

Anyway, the song is a bit hilarious. Mr Hudson sings the chorus (is there a chorus at the moment that he is not singing?) and Jay-Z adds shakespeare-esque lyrics about how his name will live on forever through the words he records.

It has been fittingly put on the end of the album, because I don’t think it should be taken too seriously, but still it’s quite good.

It follows the feel of most of the album in one way only,  it has a rough around the edges feel to it, just like ‘D.O.A’.

But never did I expect some one to sample this. What next, Young Jeazy rapping to ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’?

Jay-Z- Young Forever (Ft Mr Hudson)


5 Responses to “Jay-Z samples Alphaville’s ‘Forever Young’ for The Blueprint 3”

  1. dickinyourface Says:

    that’s a load of bollocks. where do you see a such a brilliance in the way k.west samples?? taking the full song and adding base line and drums? wtf? 10year old can do it. Sampling is a real deal when you can create something that’s YOUR OWN! This song is a COVER! That’s the appropriate name for it for fuck’s sake! And btw those kinda shit lowers the audience taste these days. People nowadays enjoy listening to crap like this without even knowing the original. And how the fuck can you compere dre to this dickface k.west? dre IS and always WAS a masterclass producer!!!!! Jesus! And now just in general – the song is so shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chapperdeemus Says:

    Yeah I hear you. Good point. I’m just tired of waiting for new material from Dre, and thought it would be a good comparison to make.

  3. Who cares? long at it sounds good. that’s all i care about

  4. I’m not sure what to think of Jay-Z and the illuminati and even though got that ether hard I’m still a fan of his earlier work and I still think he makes good music at times even though its a lil commercial

  5. There is absolutley no way that Jay is one of the best rapper alive.

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