AC Slater says calm down!

We’ve mentioned him before in these pages and it’s time for New York’s very own AC Slater to make a well-deserved reappearance here on Hotcakes. With timely remixes of Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Beat Assassins and Sepalot in recent times, he’s clearly got his finger on the pulse. Following on from this, Calm Down is a brooding dubstep beast. Woobly basslines abound, the track has such dance floor power you’ll want to hear it on the Dillinja’s Valve Soundsytem or something else of such galactic proportions, but even if it’s just in your bedroom, crank up the sub, sit back and enjoy.

AC Slater – Calm Down (BN)
AC Slater – Calm Down (MF)

While we’re at it, here’s Jack Beats, aka Beni G (of Mixologists) and Plus One (of Scratch Perverts), doing their thing to Slater’s Jack Got Beats to the benefit of the world in general. Simply brilliant.



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