The Big Pink survive the pressure of the hype

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I have now given The Big Pink’s debut album a full and extensive listen, and I am so relieved. In the build up to its arrival, I was worried that ‘A Brief History of Love’ would be carried by their fantastic second single ‘Velvet’, and the rest would flop.

But the rest of the album has added a wonderful blanket of songs either side of ‘Velvet’, perfectly placed in the middle of the line up.

I can hear similarities to The Cure in some of these songs, but with stronger metallic sounding guitars.  ‘At War with the Sun’ is a prime example of this with fast drums and a catchy refrain. They clearly draw inspiration from the legendary alternative rock band seeing as they recorded a fantastic cover of ‘Love Song’.

They have re-recorded the originals and added some fantastic new ones. Aside from ‘Velvet’, other stand out tracks include ‘Tonight’ which is a breezy breath of fresh air in an otherwise dark and intimate set of songs.

New single ‘Dominos’ is the perfect song to get more attention, and lo and behold, I’ve heard it countless times on the radio lately. So much so that I have had to turn it off to prevent me from becoming sick of it.

There are some low points. ‘Crystal Visions’ is not much of an opener and ‘Count Backwards from Ten’ is not much of a closer. ‘Love in Vain’ is worth a listen just for the catchy strings that continue through the song, but it’s middle and end don’t quite live up to its beginning.

The band, as I have said before, are like a darker but less refined TV on the Radio. So just like the giants they toured with earlier this year, do not expect to fall in love with every song on this album straight away. Give it a chance, give it time and it will grow on you. There are so many layers to each song, your ears pick up a new section each time.

The album’s official release is on September 14th, with ‘Dominos’ coming out the week before.

Do not pass up the chance to see these live.

The Big Pink- Tonight

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