XX marks the spot

The xx have released their debut album, the excitingly named XX, and it’s bloody brilliant. The indie four piece from London are signed to the Young Turks, a sub-division of XL [thanks Dave + Jamie] and make soothing, delicate tunes that’ll be perfect for any long summer night or late autumn walk. Lead singer Romy Madley Croft is accompanied by bassist Oliver Sim to great effect throughout the album and they’re produced by band member and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Smith so there’s clearly a wealth of talent that’s gone into the long player. There have been complaints about the potential blandness of many of the tracks but I do think this misses the point slightly. In my opinion XX is supposed to be a calming, headphones experience and listened to as such the subtleties of the music are amplified and the expert production really comes to the fore.

The xx – Basic Space (BN)
The xx – Basic Space (ZS)

The album, XX, was released on 17 August.


6 Responses to “XX marks the spot”

  1. Haha thought you might like these scenesters – i only really like crystalised.

    they aint on rough trade tho i dont think – the album came out on young turks

  2. they’re not on rough trade, they’re on young turks, which is a sub of XL.

    just a heads up 🙂

  3. Chapperdeemus Says:

    “late autumn walk”, Sim are you a bit of a pansy?

  4. Chapperdeemus Says:

    Oh and Dave, this was sim who wrote this post, I’ve only given them a bit of a listen so far. I also therefore cannot be held responsible for his poor research. Haha

  5. […] producing influence of Sampha and Kwes, the latter of which has recently worked with the likes of The xx and Micachu and the Shapes. It will be interesting the see what the album sounds like but with such […]

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