Hedge your bets for the Mercury Prize


I do not see what the majority is getting worked up about for this years Mercury Prize shortlist. There are a number of absolutely fantastic albums on the list.

To name a few, Kasabian‘s ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’ is the first of their album’s I’ve enjoyed straight away from start to finish.

Bat For Lashes‘ ‘Two Suns’ has the perfect mix of being a flowing album with a continuing vibe and having enough stand out singles to entice the masses.

Florence and the Machine has been a revelation this year, and stick a bit more of an electriconic sound behind her and you’ve got the equally entertaining La Roux. That’s my opinion anyway, many will scoff at that comparison no doubt.

At the beginning of the year, I saw Friendly Fires as just another band, like White Lies and The Enemy. But I have grown to love their very unique eponymous debut album.

But if there was a public vote, mine would go to The Horrors. For a band who’s first album was pretty much a write off (as good as admitted by the band itself, shown by their live setlist consisting solely of their latest release), they really have plucked something special from a place everybody thought they could not reach. ‘Primary Colours’ has renewed hope in the obviously talented outfit who needed a new direction.

It will be a close call, but I doubt The Horrors will win because they are not universally popular enough. Kasabian may have burst back on to the scene a bit late. I think it will be a photo finish between Florence or La Roux.

But this is why The Horrors should win…

The Horrors- Mirror’s Image

The results for the prize are due at the award show in september.



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