Mumford & Sons get signed and announce album details

One of the most accidental band discoveries I have ever made, Mumford & Sons have persistently dominated this year’s live music scene for me. I’m not complaining though.

The multi instrumentalist folk band have finally been signed by Island Records, the label who already have the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Florence and the Machine, Portishead and Frankmusic.

Every song that I have heard so far from them (they have a few EPs and live versions floating around) has an amazing live feeling to it, which, amazingly, is why they are so good live. Crazy coincidence non?

Put it this way, they supported the Maccabees when I saw them in May. They left myself and my photographer, a miss D. Gregory, utterly speechless. I also saw them at Oxegen this year and they were up there with Blur and TV on the Radio as the best there, and left my friends instant converts. I saw them at Field Day, same story.

When they play live, they trade and swap instruments more often than I used to trade pogs. So talented.

To coincide with their long awaited signing, the band have officially announced that their debut album will be out in October, entitled ‘Sigh No More’, and that the lead single will be ‘Little Lion Man’.

Rumour has it that lead singer Marcus is canoodling with Laura Marling as well. Nice one son.

Here is ‘Little Lion Man’, as well as a live version of the previously mentioned album title track, which is my favourite.

Mumford & Sons- Little Lion Man

Mumford & Sons- Sigh No More (BBC Live Lounge)


3 Responses to “Mumford & Sons get signed and announce album details”

  1. GravitasElucid Says:

    Grabbed me immediately….amazing

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