Muse and The Big Pink album releases go head to head- What a contest

musebigpinkNot. The two bands, chasms apart in terms of experience and renown, are both set to release their albums on September 14th. Both have revealed new singles this week for the LPs also.

It is almost as though The Big Pink are hoping that their album, ‘A Brief History of Love’, is going to oust Muse‘s ‘The Resistance’ for the top spot that week. Fat chance. Don’t get me wrong, the London duo are brilliant, a very promising up-coming band with a highly anticipated debut album. But they do not sell out country wide tours in a matter of minutes.

Surely just a coincidence then. The two releases are posted below.

The Big Pink’s new single is called ‘Dominos’ and it is the only one I have heard so far that comes close to rivalling ‘Velvet’ off the album. With a powerful beat and a heavy guitar riffs backed up by some unique vocals and catchy chorus, it is the perfect track to get people excited for the album.

The Big Pink- Dominos

Muse, in contrast, have turned the release of their single into some weird spy-like mission. They hid a series of USB sticks around Europe with snippets of the song, ‘United States of Eurasia’, and once all of them were found, they brought out the whole song. I am really hoping that they hid the USBs in really cheesy, stereotypical places, like a locker in a Stockholm train station or in a box in a field by a tree underneath a rock that has no earthly business being there.

The use of the piano is outstanding and Matt’s vocals are really tested. Comparisons to Queen are definitely worthy.

Muse- United States of Eurasia



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