Major Lazer, Sub Focus and Duck Sauce – catch up

Been a busy couple weeks what with starting two new jobs and moving to a new flat so this post is gonna be a little filler to what I would’ve been posting.

Since the long player came out, Major Lazer ( hasn’t left my playlists and has happily moved in with my car stereo. The dance floor meteorite ‘Pon de Floor’ got all of the pre-release attention but now it’s ‘When you hear the bassline’ that’s making waves. Featuring the excellent Nateshia Linesay a.k.a. Ms Thing, this track bobs through with an infectious rhythm that typifies the album as a whole.

Major Lazer – When you hear the bassline (ft. Ms Thing)

This one from Sub Focus ( got some major love on Radio 1 so no doubt it’s gonna be everywhere by now but I still wanna write about it. ‘Rock It’ is massive tune from the UK’s Nick Douwma despite it bascially being a drum and bass remix of ‘Robot Rock’ by Daft Punk. Not that that should take anything away from the tune because it’s an absolute banger.

Sub Focus – Rock It

Duck Sauce a.k.a A-Trak and Armand van Helden have had a steady release of NY house-style tracks and it’s about time they got a mention here. ‘You’re Nasty’ kicks in with a wobbly synth and trumpet accompaniment that forces the listening into a head nod with a possible foot tap accompaniment. When you’re at home anyway; on the dance floor I’d definitely be pulling out my best moves for this one.

Duck Sauce – You’re Nasty


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  1. […] Yes, the remixes are absolutely brilliant, each and every one of them, but that fails to hide the disappointment that we have to wait longer to hear some truely new stuff from the pair who took 2009 by storm. […]

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