Arctic Monkeys kick off Humbug with a grower

ams_cryinglightningBrilliant art work yet again. ‘Crying Lightning’ is the new track off Arctic Monkeys‘ forthcoming album, Humbug. I wasn’t sure about it to start with. But give it a few listens.

There is a definite influence of Alex Turner’s side project Last Shadow Puppets here. But it has a lot more of a premium feel. I always thought Last Shadow Puppets were very lightweight, but the big boys are back.

‘Crying Lightning’ was co-produced by Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme, so that adds immediate calibre. Song-wise, it reminds me of the brilliant ‘Mardy Bum’, but with much stronger guitar riffs.

Turner’s lyrical ability returns here, with a complex lyrical opening leading into a very catchy chorus. There is a definite progression here yet again from their first two albums, something which will keep them a cut above from rival indie bands.

Humbug is due to be released on 24th August, so all those going to Reading or Leeds have a week or so to learn the album off by heart.

Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning



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  1. […] Lead single Crying Lighting seems the only track poppy enough to succeed in the charts. But the chorus on opening song My Propeller, the drum beat on Dance Little Liar and the lyrical delivery in Pretty Visitors provide exceptional moments in a slow burning album. […]

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