Bloody Beetroots announce full length album


What a ridiculously outlandish album cover. But it matches their beats. And their name.

The Bloody Beetroots finally have enough material to put out an album, although rumour has it a lot of the tracks will be made up of the previously released belters from their EPs.

The LP is due to be released on August 25th, with guest appearances from the likes of Vicarious Bliss and The Cool Kids.

Despite obvious excitement, I think this sort of act is best when they keep their releases short and explosive. Rombo and Cornelius EPs were five songs long each. Warp EP was only two songs long. They destroyed your ears in the time it takes to shine your shoes and then you’re left with the mess.

Can a full length album of such debauched powerful synths and beats really be tolerated? We’ll see. Their interlude tracks would have to be very carefully positioned, lets just say that.

I am an extremely torn individual at the moment. They clash with the Specials at Oxegen. Should i skank? Or should I rave? Tough one.

The Bloody Beetroots- Warp 1.9



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