Bloc Party are back… already was quick. It feels like only yesterday that I was listening to Intimacy. But the indie turned big beat band (thats the best way to describe them nowadays really) premiered their new song, ‘One More Chance’, on the Zane Lowe show last night.

It follows in the footsteps of ‘Your Visits are Getting Shorter’, one of the bonus tracks from Bloc Party‘s third album. The song is ok. If it was by anyone else I would be raving about it. But Bloc Party, honestly, are better than this. I like the new style they have adopted, but I miss the Silent Alarm days so much.

It’s caused a bit of debate and, as always, fans are getting annoyed about their change of style, and that leads to people saying that they can’t handle bands who change their style, and that leads to just mass online forum bitching.

I have the (one more) chance to see them this summer. But TV on the Radio are clashing, and they wipe the floor with Bloc Party nowadays.

Bloc Party- One More Chance

Bloc Party – One More Chance



One Response to “Bloc Party are back… already”

  1. Absolutely loving this. Especially the housey style piano. Magic.

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