Hotcakes Presents…Passion Pit

passion pit

Damn. I’m writing this post as though this band has not absolutely DOMINATED the blogosphere recently. But they deserve the credit. They deserve the ‘Hotcakes Presents…’ treatment.

Passion Pit is one of those pop bands that give you hope for the disgrace that is called the Top 40. With brilliant vocals that are so high pitched you start to wonder whether their owner actually possesses testicles, what’s not to like?

The falsetto style is backed up by fantastically bouncy beats and melodies that are bound to take the festivals by storm this summer just as MGMT did last summer. Cue some Soulwax and Justice banging remixes too.

Let me just give you an idea about how good their debut album, ‘Manners’, is. Their first EP, called ‘Chunk of Change’, was brilliant, universally acclaimed. However only ‘Sleepyhead’ from the EP was considered good enough to make it into the album.

So far the 5 piece electro band from Cambridge, Massachusetts have confirmed for T in the Park (hopefully meaning that an Oxegen announcement will follow soon), Bestival, Lattitude and Jersey Live. I wouldn’t be surprised if Reading and Leeds snapped them up too.

I’m pipping Simjob to the post (literally) for this. He recommended them to me, but snooze you lose. Unlucky.

Here are the tracks to listen to that will make you get ‘Manners’ straight away.

Passion Pit- Make Light

Passion Pit- Sleepyhead



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  1. […] that begs to be let loose on the dancefloor. I’m sure I’m not alone by saying Manners formed the foundation of my summer soundtrack.”  […]

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