Tunes for the happy mens

Toddla T ( has been doing the blog rounds recently with his awesome Manabadman and Shake it. Here the former gets a re-work from Andy George.

Toddla T – Manabadman (Andy George re-fix)

Major Lazer are gonna be massive. It’s inevitable; remix champions Diplo and Switch is a partnership more devasting than Chapperdeemus and Simjob. Seriously. Pon de Floor is wicked track that’s been pounding dancefloors for a while and here’s Ernold Sane’s masterful remix.

Major Lazer – Pon de floor (Ernold Sane remix)

The first of two mentions of Gigi Barocco in this post. Don’t normally do that but this remix is INSANE. Builds and builds and then the drop is just…mmm raw energy and fidgety bassy wonky splendor. Taste Nation.

Redman – I hold the crown (Gigi Barocco remix)

This is dirty. Très dirty. But oh so good. Blatta & Inesha are an Italian DJ duo that look disturbing similar to Justice but don’t sound anything like them. Crookers would be a better comparison with the massive wobbly basslines but anyway, just listen. Loudly.

Blatta & Inesha ft. Gigi Barocco – Where is it?


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