Eminem finally gives us some hope for Relapse

relapse_cover2A fourth song from Slim Shady’s new album Relapse got leaked today. It’s called ‘Old Time’s Sake’, and it’s actually pretty good. Decent beat. Sound lyrics. A barnstorming guest appearance from the ace of the kings, Dr. Dre. No rubbish accent. All in order.

Though the trend I have noticed is that the songs with Dre on them are the better ones. Hopefully he hasn’t had to carry Eminem in this album. Marshall has not needed that in the past. But that should mean that Dre’s still got it, and Detox should be SICK.

Relapse comes out 15th of May in some countries. Keep your ear to the ground for more leaks.

And the track listing came out last week, confirming at last that previous single ‘Crack A Bottle’ will indeed go on the album. Phew.

I know! Second post in the same day! I can’t be lazy when Eminem has new stuff out.

Eminem- Old Time’s Sake (Ft. Dr. Dre)


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