The Prodigy’s Omen Re Edited


An edit by a hotcaker himself. I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but… toot toot.

Simjob and I were discussing the other day how it is a shame that ‘Omen Reprise’ on the new Prodigy album does not lead straight into ‘Omen’, the lead single itself. We hoped, when we saw them live a couple of weeks ago, that the live version would do that. However, inexplicably, but brilliantly I admit, Omen Reprise was followed by Invaders Must Die. It was a stroke of genius, but not was I was hoping for.

So I dusted off the old Audacity skills and set to work and this is what I came up with. DJO- The DJ designed for your convenience.

The Prodigy- Omen (DJO Re- Edit)

One Response to “The Prodigy’s Omen Re Edited”

  1. Classic DJO material. Loving it.

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