The Prodigy- Live at Birmingham NIA (Supported by Dizzee Rascal), 9th April 2009

There are good gigs. There are even great gigs. Then there is The Prodigy. Liam, Maxim and Keith rolled up at the Birmingham NIA on the 9th April and left a figurative crater in the ground where the venue once stood.

It was amazing to see the life and enthusiasm the electro trio still have after 17 years in the raving business. Having seen then before in 2005, I barely noticed a drop in energy levels after 4 years spent in the shadows, recording their latest album, ‘Invaders Must Die‘.

Support act Dizzee Rascal, who’s set was unrivalled by any other support act in my concert experience, played a mixture of classics, recent smash hits, unknown tracks from an upcoming album and even freestyles. From the crowd raising Fix Up Look Sharp to the number one barnstormer Dance Wiv Me, Mr Rascal did not put a foot wrong in displaying a example method of getting a crowd loose and limber.

Other stand out points for his set were the sudden dropping of a freestyle over M.I.A.’s ‘Paper Planes’, and opening with his Radio 1 live lounge cover of The Ting Ting’s ‘That’s not my name’. He ended with his up and coming single, ‘Bonkers’, which will undoubtedly take the charts by the scruff of the neck in coming weeks.

The Prodigy came on at 9pm to show the sell out expectant crowd why they can draw such a talented warm up act. In fact, it seemed originally that The Prodigy would have to pull something special from their locker to top the London Rapper. I am very disappointed in myself that I doubted them for a second.

They opened with a stand out track from their new album, Warriors Dance, and then every single song that ensued was one that had me saying, “Oh, I was hoping they would play this”. Let me drop a few song titles to show you. Voodoo People. Fire Starter. Breathe. Poison. No Good. Omen. Out of Space. Each track had a seamless transition from one to the next coupled with interesting extra additions to enhance the live experience.

The sensational performance did not properly sink in until the cold air hit the faces of the stunned crowd as they left the arena, with PGE (post gig elation) slowly being replaced by PGD (post gig depression), seen on the faces of the fans. I could not believe the night was over. It may be that this is the last tour that the band have left in them, so unless you are catching them at a festival this summer, your remaining chances are getting slimmer and slimmer.

Not a single artist compares. Justice have valiantly tried. Pendulum gave it a go. But they do not have the fantastic combination of dynamic front men, innovative live versions and enough singles to cram an entire set. Dizzee who? I even forgot the name of my own mother for an hour and a half.


3 Responses to “The Prodigy- Live at Birmingham NIA (Supported by Dizzee Rascal), 9th April 2009”

  1. Awesome wasn’t it?!

    Second time i’ve seen them at the NIA and was blown away both times

    Only “disappointment” was they didn’t play any tracks from Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned…but they did only have an hour and a half i guess đŸ™‚

  2. Chapperdeemus Says:

    It was epic. I’ve seen them at brixton academy when AONO first came out and they played quite a lot from that album then, but yeah, I wish they had played Spitfire, maybe a bit of Hotride. They sampled a bit of Action Radar which was cool.

  3. […] music did not disappoint. Omen owned. Thunder thrashed. Colours crushed. A mental album and THE best live band of the year for Hotcakes.” […]

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