MSTRKRFT strike from the heavens with a Fist Of God

I’m not going to lie, I have given this album one listen so far. But it is so good. It beats MSTRKRFT‘s first album (The Looks). Fist Of God is so busy, I can now finally hear the Jesse F. Keller that I know. The guy who wiped the the Noise-Funk world with Death from Above 1979.

Its so weird how this sounds like dance music. It should, on some level, seem the same as the poppy turd that we hear in the charts from Lady Gagash. But its not. There’s such a brilliant difference, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. The rawness. The harsh synths, the feeling that any second now the track is going to change, explode and blow all that Flo Rider weasel poo out the water. That may be what it is.

Maybe it’s because this duo are just too f*cking cool to put vowels in their name. Ah. Play, repeat, repeat. I say I’ve given it one listen. Now I’m on my second.

MSTRKRFT- Click Click (feat. E-40)

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