Death From Above 1979… Absolutely.

I have been putting off mentioning this band for a while because they have been split up for a couple of years now and I am still in mourning that new material will never be released (well, never say never). But I just can’t resist giving them a mention any longer.

Picture this. Take Queens of the Stone Age, remove the darkness factor and add a more youthful energy. Take Rage Against the Machine, remove the Hip-hop factor and add raucous singing vocals. Take Late of the Pier, remove the weedy pop factor, and add raw and cool guitar riffs. Whisk all that together in a large bowl with some bezzle and you get a tasty morsel known as Death From Above 1979. Another delicious recipe from Hotcakes right there for you to get ear teeth around.
Their one and only album, called You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine, is a screamer, every song is brilliant. Here’s a taster to get you started.

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