Seven Bells??

The School of Seven Bells are a bit different. Half Scandinavian post-rock abandon and half head-nodding electro pop. It’s good stuff. And the identical twin sisters are hot which is always a bonus. Anyways their debut album Alpinisms is well worth a listen if you’re a fan of any one from Röyksopp to Sigur Rós to Ladytron.

I’ll put up a sample in a couple days but I’m about to get kicked out of the pub I’m in for not buying enough drinks to supplement they’re free Wifi. Twats.


4 Responses to “Seven Bells??”

  1. jameswelch Says:

    One of last year’s best albums.

    Plus they’re supporting Bat For Lashes on her april tour 🙂

    If you like SVIIB, check out ‘A Cloud Mireya – Singular’ Claudia Deheza with Prefuse 73.

    good stuff 🙂

  2. jameswelch Says:

    …and on the subject of SVIIB

    i got given a copy of the deluxe edition of alpinisms today, which is out next week.

    well worth checking out.
    (in fact i’ll upload the bonus tracks later)

  3. chapperdeemus Says:

    You think you’re well cool don’t you Jameswelch. Me and Dave are pretty jealous though.
    Simjob, in case you think that we’ve hit the big time and strangers are reading our blog, you’ll be disappointed to discover that I know this ruffian.

  4. […] song, called ‘Babelonia’, sounds very similar to the sounds of their first album ‘Alpinisms’. That’s not a bad thing though. It starts of with quite a long instrumental intro and then […]

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