In Memory of Flacky H’s Only Cashpoint. R.I.P.

Many good times had at that cash point. But no more. A digger has broken the place where members of flackwell, the boys from the heath, the flacky h massive, the FHM if you will (the magazine stole that (allegedly)) can withdraw their cash. And in turn broken all their dreams. No bones were broken during the ram raid by robbers though. But Broken are the spirits of the community, especially in troubled economic times. But we can’t blame the credit crunch. We can’t even blame Uman.

This is a travesty caused by reckless thievery in Bucks, the worst we’ve seen since the mass number plate robbery in Slough in 2009. Oh and a Post Office was mashed up as well, sick. In commiseration to the Heath’s residents, I post a demo of the new Gorillaz track, called Broken (see what I did there?). This will vibrate your speakers as much as the Digger did to that shop window.
Men were asked to wear protective clothing, but the attack is not thought to be nuclear.

One Response to “In Memory of Flacky H’s Only Cashpoint. R.I.P.”

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