Something New and Something Old

In quivering anticipation of the prospect of going to Benicassim this year, I have been reading the rumours of who could be at the spanish festival this summer. I admit that these are random forums written by people like me who just like to put up their favourite bands to start a hype. The only confirmed acts so far are Kings Of Leon (pants explosion), Oasis (drool), Franz Ferdinand (mild semi) and Paul Weller.

However, a name constantly mentioned (although without any proof) is DAFT PUNK. If that turns out to be true, and I am remaining sceptical, I think it will rival Reading 2008 easily. Here’s 2009 studio edit of their live version of Around the World and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, which I came across today. Excellent song.
Daft Punk- Around the World 2009 (Alive Re-Edit)
On a side note, another band I have been meaning to look closer at is MGMT. Oracular Spectalular is definitely a spectacular oracle of sounds, but I listened to an early EP today and check out the original version of Kids. Its a bit slower, and a bit funkier. It sounds like it’s got a heavier beat, which I like.
MGMT- Kids (EP Version)

2 Responses to “Something New and Something Old”

  1. If we’re talking about Kids then you want the Soulwax ‘Nite Version’ remix. Last time I played it there was a crater left where my room was. Destroyed.

  2. chapperdeemus Says:

    Yeah i’ve got that version. Soulwax have only done one remix of it right? If so then yeah i’ve got that version. And i had to have my window resealed after listening.

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