January selection

Seeing as I still haven’t sorted out an internet connection for my place (I’m currently penning this from an, admittedly, pretty posh cafe in Oval) my posting has been a little thin. So here’s the best of what I’ve been listening to this month:

Ladyhawke – Paris is burning (Cut Copy remix)
You’ve probably heard it a few times as Radio 1 has picked it up but it’s the remix from Australia’s favourite indie/dance crossover, jizz in my pants, bezzler merchants Cut Copy that should be providing your aural orgasms.

Bloc Party – Mercury (Lapse remix)
I haven’t listened to last year’s ‘Intimacy’ as much as I’d have liked for no good reason but this cheeky remix is pretty good. I say cheeky, really it’s an unashamedly obvious dance banger but still it’s good fun on the dancefloor. Not sure who Lapse is mind.

Franz Ferdinand – Ulysses (Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve remix)
I hate the orginal. It starts off pretty well but then I’ve fallen asleep before it’s ended. However, this remix it’s just great, uses the ‘let’s get high’ lyric in a very Chemical ‘Get Yourself High’ fashion but it’s a mellow playful mix that hasn’t left my playlist for weeks.

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