DJ Lobsterdust does it again…Anyfink Else?

DJ Lobsterdust, a DJ that all amateur remixers can relate and aspire to be, has a knack for hearing 2 songs and making them sound like they were made with each other in mind. His idea is simple. Take the lyrics from one song and put them on the instrumental of another. Not very original idea, until you try to work out what lyrics would sound best with which song. Thats where the uniqueness comes in. Check this one out, one of his latest:
DJ Lobsterdust- L.E.S. Lockdown (Kanye West VS Santogold)
Check his website out for the rest…
Definitely listen to his mash up of Bloc Party’s ‘Helicopter’ and Luniz’s ‘I got 5 on it’. Inspired.

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