Get ’em while they’re HOT

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2008, what an incredible year for music. But lets think about the future, 2009. What is it going to bring? Albums to look forward to this year:
1. Dr. Dre- Detox
Its rumoured, after a 10 year wait (has it really been that long?) to finally be coming out this spring. The Doctor, forever the perfectionist, has considered releasing it every year since 2004, but hung back to fine tune. But he is starting to get back on the radar again, appearing in songs, getting press attention, which is usually a good sign that he is ready to release. I have every faith that he will not disappoint. Finally, when asked the question, “Hey is that Dre over there?”, we can reply with, “YEAAAAHH”. Just to remind you of his unique style, here’s a classic…

Dr Dre – Let’s Get High

2. The Prodigy- Invaders Must Die
Another very long wait for this album, especially if you count the fact that legendary group did not appear vocally on their most recent album. That means that we haven’t had an track released with Maxim, Keith and co. on it since the release of Smack My Bitch up in 1997!!! Ridiculous. They return in March this year, having already given us a taster with ‘Invaders must die’, but the lead single will be called ‘Omen’, released in february. My fellow blogger Simjob and I are seeing them for the second time in Birmingham this april. Baited breath.

The Prodigy – Poison

3. The Strokes- Untitled fourth album
Recording for the follow up to First Impressions of Earth will begin in february, so hopefully we’ll be hearing something new from the new yorkers at some point this year. Personally, they have not bettered their first album, Is This It, with each song on it a catchy, trend setting masterpiece. They’ll be hard pressed to ever beat it, but a 2 year hiatus may have done them the world of good.

The Strokes – Hard to Explain


5 Responses to “Get ’em while they’re HOT”

  1. Mylo is also rumoured to be releasing his highly anticipated second album this year having retreated to his home on the Isle of Skye for the best part of four years or so now. If it’s anything like his debut then it’ll be something worth waiting for.

  2. chapperdeemus Says:

    Why don’t you post up your own artists simjob, instead of taking credit on mine? I’d prefer this partnership to be in a way that we never have to converse. A bit like outkast. Big Boi and dre are a partnership, but they don’t have anything to do with each other. I think i’ve made myself clear.
    Mylo is sick.

  3. James Welch Says:

    if ever you need another baker…

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